Insurance Exams

The process of obtaining and maintaining homeowner's insurance on coastal and vintage properties can be challenging. It is becoming more and more common for people to receive insurance cancelation notices in spite of the fact that they have been with their current insurance carrier for many years, with no claims.

ACE has trained professionals who can help!

For properties in Charleston more than 20 years old, a Four Point Insurance Inspection is available to document the condition and adequacy of the roof, plumbing, electrical, and heating / cooling systems. This report is required by many of the carriers who will cover vintage properties at affordable rates. Without this documentation, many carriers will decline coverage or quote extremely high rates. Four Point Insurance Inspections are available for fees starting at $149, and they can be added to your Complete Home Inspection at a discounted rate.

Wind Mitigation Exams, also called Wind Certifications, can reduce the rates on the wind and hail portion of a homeowner's insurance policy by as much as 25%. ACE inspectors are specially trained to document the wind resistant features of your home to help you reduce current insurance rates, identify future savings opportunities, and qualify you for tax deductions and tax credits. Wind Certification fees start at $150 and a certification can be added to your Complete Home Inspection at a discounted rate.