Safe Home Exams

SC Safe Home Inspections

The SC Safe Home program was established in 2008. The program provides financial incentives for homeowners to fortify their homes against wind damage. Grants are available depending on income levels and house parameters. Fortified homes also earn insurance premium discounts depending on the hurricane resistant features that are present.

Grant program participation begins with a Safe Home Exam performed by an ACE inspector. We will inspect the house and gather the basic information you need to apply for a grant. The process takes about an hour on most houses. A specially trained Safe Home contractor will use the report to develop a proposal that goes in with the grant application. After the application is approved, work begins and funds are disbursed upon completion of the project. Funding levels vary, so grant approval may not be timely.

Home owners may fortify their houses at their own expense and still qualify for insurance premium discounts of up to 25%. Tax incentives are also available. To learn more about the program or to schedule an inspection, give us a call.