Home Inspection Client Testimonials



Your team of Keith and David did an outstanding job for my buyer clients!  Not only were they thorough, they both were so professional and helpful in giving the buyers complete explanations for their findings.  We all felt as though we had the best of all worlds with having a contractor and an engineer checking over the entire house.   You have some great guys working with you!

Thanks again for a terrific job!

B Harper, Realator

I was happy with Bob’s report.  I also appreciated his willingness to explain what he found in detail to me during a phone call afterward because I could not attend in person.  I could tell he did a thorough job and took the time to do the job right based on his answers.

J van Rossem, Client

We appreciate so very much your time and expertise in the inspection for the Renaissance condo.  We could not believe that you could work us in on such short notice; however, I was thrilled that you took the time to assist us on a Friday afternoon.  It helped me in getting back to Columbia on a deadline.  Thank you!

I had heard that Ace Preferred was very detailed and thorough…I believe you exceeded all our expectations.  You were patient, professional and very understanding of my phone call with the mover, especially when you were ready for your presentation.  In the past when purchasing homes, I never had an inspection presentation before, very personal and one on one!  You really took the time to explain all aspects of the inspection.  I especially appreciate the Summary and photographs.  

I thank you for a very pleasant experience, and I would highly recommend Ace Preferred to any home buyer.

C McLeod, Client

Thanks for following up with this email. My experience with you and your entire organization was great and I will be recommending your company for years to come. Thanks for all you did and for taking time to explain your findings to me in a very clear manner. 

I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 

Peter, Client

We had a great experience with our inspection!  Keith was fantastic and did an excellent job of being thorough as well as answering our questions.  The best part of all was that he was very quick to let us know what areas that he was not proficient in and what areas he was.  I can always respect a person who can be honest with his deficiencies!  I would certainly recommend your company and Keith to anyone that I would need to.  Thank you for a great experience!

B Gibson, Client

Yes, I’d like to express our appreciation of your services.  The inspection included the items I was concerned about and then several others.  I’m glad Ginn was able to coordinate with you to conduct the inspection between renters and appreciate the timeliness and the prompt turnaround of the inspection and the report.  Even though we were not able to be there, it certainly appears the inspection was thorough.  Your website and email communication is most helpful and convenient.  Very professional!

Wallen, Client

Thank you for the chance to share my thoughts.  I appreciate the attention to detail, and the fact that you related how other homeowners have handled similar situations, from most conservative response to least.  The report was easy to understand from a non-contractor’s point of view and easy to share thanks to the digital version.

J Smith, Client

Just a note to let you know that my wife and I were very pleased with the
inspection perform by Mr. Keith Joyce.  He was very professional, obviously
very knowledgeable, and very thorough.  I truly appreciated his willingness
to explain things and educate me on the fine points of home structure,
plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.  Your office staff was also very
professional and helpful in getting the appointment set up. 

We are completely satisfied with our experience with ACE Preferred
Inspections and we would not hesitate to recommend your services to our
friends and associates.

Thanks for making this part of our home purchase process pleasant.

A Ford, Client

My recent home inspection experience was nothing but the best. This was my second attempt at inspecting this particular home and the whole experience from scheduling, then cancelling, then re-scheduling was headache free. Keith and Scott are true professionals. Both took the time to point out and explain various deficiencies and I have to say I enjoyed some nice quality time crawling under the house and through the attic with Keith. I will recommend ACE to all my friends who may be in the market for a home inspection in the future.

P Nee, Client

I am very satisfied with the work ACE did inspecting.  Since analyzing the results is not within my comfort zone, I asked a friend who is an architect to take a look and he said that it was a really comprehensive report and was impressed with how thorough it was.  If you knew him you would understand what really high praise that is.  The information that was provided gave us a map of exactly what the next steps are and what needed follow-up and estimates before going to settlement.  I think this was money very well spent!
Thanks to you and to all who participated in the inspection.  Your work has given me great peace of mind.

A Collins, Client

Remember me? The guy who actually read the disclaimer, doubted how thorough the inspection would be, and called you to get a feel what was going to happen? Well first of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to me and secondly, I am happy to report, we are very pleased with the depth and completeness of the whole inspection process. Our Inspector, Mike Friason, performed a first rate inspection, leaving "no stone unturned" and delivered the findings to Kathy, Stacy, and myself. The report was promptly finalized, very thorough, and revealed some areas of the home needing some attention. Please pass along our appreciation to Mike, along with any other laudatory comments from you. I know where I would go again and where I will send everyone for a great inspection experience. We will give you a shout for sure, if we need anything else. Thanks!

M Fleming, Client

This was the most thorough inspection I have ever participated in. Jim was meticulous in his inspection and in his explanations. Your worksheets covered every aspect so I assume that even a relative newcomer would have achieved an excellent standard simply by following the drill. As it was, Jim is brilliant even without the materials. 

Jim's feedback at the end was precise and clear and his initial explanation of which areas he would cover and which not, made things very clear at the start.

Your report is thorough and detailed and I especially liked the addendum which gives indicative costs per unit for repairs. This will be useful for us in years to come and I would certainly appreciate updates of that in future years.

I have appreciated your personal follow up as well. The tone of this letter, the fact that there is no idiotic survey monkey to complete all tells me that ACE is a trustworthy caring company.

Thanks very much to Steve for introducing us and being so active in the inspection as well - this is equally rare amongst realtors.

So all in all, it was a truly excellent experience.

Thank You

S Woodward, Client

Thanks so much for your thorough inspection. 

We were extremely pleased with all of the information we were given, and did follow up with the AC company.  You were right on target with the AC, and after working with both you and the AC company, we have decided to not purchase this home due to the amount of money it would cost to bring the AC into appropriate conditions for the house along with the other repairs.

You will be hearing from us again – we are back on the hunt!

Dorinda, Client

I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the recent
home inspection Mike Friason conducted for us. Your company came
highly recommended from both our wonderful Realtor, Catherine Laffitte
and some of our friends in the area. Mike's friendliness,
knowledgebase and professionalism put us at ease during this process.
We were 100% satisfied and have already recommended your company to
some friends of ours who are going through the home buying adventure.
Kudos to you, your staff and your company on a job well done!
Kindest regards,

A Hopkins, Client

Thanks so much Jeffrey. As you know, the Gardens have been more than pleased with Bob’s inspections. Your company has been professional and accommodating in every way, and I look forward to being able to refer many buyers to you in the future.

Christi, Realtor

Thank you for your e-mail which I have just rescued from my junk file ! Sorry for the delay.
I cannot speak highly enough of the great service we have had from your company, from the ladies who answered my questions over the phone and especially for the very thorough inspection done by Bob Lea. He went out of his way on a very unusual house and I'm sure a rather difficult one to inspect. Unfortunately we have decided not to purchase it, but we shall certainly request his inspection on another home.
A Garden, Client

Thank you so much for being in touch. It has been a hectic week. We really enjoyed working with Scott. He was very personable, extremely thorough, and more than patient with our questions.

As we get settled, we will definitely recommend your services to anyone we meet who is considering a property purchase. We look forward to hearing more about the Client Appreciation Package. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

C Melvin, Client

Jeff, just wanted to say "thank you" to you and Bob for helping with the vents. Bob stuck with the tedious job and I appreciate it very much! If you ever need a reference for any reason, let me know and I will gladly give you an excellent one. I will recommend your company to all!
Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!

Deborah, Client

I would like to say the inspection that was performed exceeded our expectations. Home inspections that we have had in the past were not as thorough, and the report that was sent is very informative and precise. I will recommend ACE Preferred Inspections to any friend or family that would require your service.

Ken, Client

ACE is a wonderful company!  Mike was very, very thorough.  He was both professional & friendly.  When we heard that ACE was going to be the company to inspect my daughter's home, we knew she would be getting the best inspection!  How did I know this?  Mike was the inspector who came out to my house in Moncks Corner in 2008!

J Gress, Client

When Trent recommended you to us I knew you must be the best. I was impressed from the first time I called your company. I love the way our service was personalized as if we were the only clients that you had. I also appreciated the consideration and courtesy of Keith. It is almost sad when you have to compliment someone for doing the "right" thing because it is the right thing to do; but in my experience so many people/companies lack integrity. I was impressed of the thoroughness of the report as well as the follow-up. I HIGHLY recommend ACE Preferred Inspections, Inc.
D Fleming, Client


Keith Joyce did a great job inspecting the house.  His professionalism and demeanor was above par.  Also to note, he was very flexible w/ rescheduling our appointment as we had to reschedule multiple times due to the electricity being off. 

Keith’s thorough job inspecting this property was more than appreciated.  We were made aware of many structural issues that we would have never known about, and luckily we were able to walk away from the house which could have easily turned into a “money pit”.   We plan on requesting Keith’s services in the next month on our next home inspection and we would definitely recommend him to friends & family.

J Yozzo, Client

I think your whole team is truly fantastic and I believe that my agents feel
the same way.

Keep up the good work!

Arlene, Client

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did recently for me. As always, my clients and I
appreciate the time you spend answering questions for my buyers and I know
the end result will be a thorough examination of the home and very detailed
home inspection.  Finding a company with high standards that does such a
great job is not as easy as it seems.  I have worked with several local home
inspection companies but Ace Preferred Inspections, by far, exceeds all the
other companies I have used in the past.  I am also very pleased that you
now have the ability to perform inspections on the weekends, which is an
added value for buyers that work Monday through Friday.  Plus, having the
ability to hire a structural engineer is great!  Educated Buyers are willing
to pay a little more for a licensed engineer, especially when purchasing a
new construction home and it gives them additional peace of mind.  You have
a fantastic team of home inspectors and office staff.  They work very hard
and it shows.  Be proud of "ALL" your staff and tell them how much I enjoy
working with them.  I look forward to working with Ace Preferred Inspections
with my next buyer.  Great Job and keep up the good work!

S Baird, Realtor

Just want to say what a pleasure it was to have John as our inspector. I am blown away by his thoroughness and professionalism.I can honestly say that of ALL the service people I have done business with in the 10 years I have lived here, I would recommend John more strongly than any of them. Thanks for the great service you provide by employing such fantastic people!

S Butler, Client


I just wanted to thank you and especially Keith for the excellent inspection and report.  I work in the construction industry and I have read many engineer reports.  His service was exemplary.  Please, let me know if there are any testimonials that I might give that can give praise to the excellent service given by you both. 

S Telegadis, Client

As usual, it was a great inspection.  Jim is a great inspector and is very thorough.  I like working with him.  I am most appreciative of the fact that there is no emotion in the deal.  It is what it is and just the facts are presented, not commentary.  Jim is a good representative of your company.  And I am so glad that Karen took the call when I booked the inspection!  I love me some Karen!!! 

You have a great team and I am very pleased with Ace Preferred.  Thanks for all the hard work! 

J Stroud, Realtor

At 6:11 AM!!!  What service.  This is the 6th inspection I have been though and I can’t tell you how thorough I think the inspection was that Jim Murphy did.  And he and Scott were both very professional and personable as is Christine.

Thank you for having such competent employees and I have already recommended your company to someone who will be purchasing within the year.

Eudora, Client

I was very happy with the inspection.  My Carolina One agent, Judy Pardue, called ACE late on a Friday afternoon and with very short notice, we were able to schedule an inspection for Saturday afternoon.  Keith Joyce showed up promptly as the scheduled time and began his inspection.  He was joined sometime later by Scott Burns who was also doing a CL100, so he checked the crawl space.  Keith and Scott both seemed knowledgeable, thorough and informative.  The report was sent to me by early Sunday afternoon, which worked out well.  The report told me, as far as I can ascertain at this time, what I needed to know to proceed toward the home purchase.  I would not hesitate to use ACE in the future or to recommend to my friends and associates.  Thanks much.

M Nelson, Client

I apologize for the delay. Without a doubt, this was the most thorough and well done inspection I have experienced with regard to any home I have previously purchased. As Nancy will tell you, I am very attentive to details which is why I have waited 18 months to buy just the right home. Your inspection process provides a level of comfort that ensures that the home I am buying is in the condition it needs to be in.

Jeff, again thanks to you and your team for all that you have done to make this a very enjoyable experience.

Keith, Client

I have been extremely pleased with the handling of the inspection. Scott was courteous, knowledgeable, thorough and efficient.  I received several reports.  In my opinion, the Recall Check would have been more complete if the technician had taken down not just model numbers but serial numbers also.  That way one would know for sure if there was a problem.  

J Allison, Client

Katy and I both stayed the duration of the entire home inspection with Jim
and we were incredibly happy with professionalism, courtesy, and expertise.
I think I can speak for both Katy and I when I say that we will be
recommending ACE and, more specifically, Jim, to our friends and family. He
did an outstanding job and we'll be using ACE for any future inspections we
may need!

Andy, Client

Sure appreciate the follow-up! Do you all have a generic letter to use for "written satisfaction of inspection" for this property I can use for my buyer/client to sign off with before we close? It went so well and client is so thrilled to close and move!!!!!
Just thought I would ask. Another way to present your company in another positive way!

Suzi, Client

Actually, your inspection was instrumental in delaying our purchase of this house. We appreciate

the thoroughness of your report. It was very professional.

L Francis, Client

I certainly appreciate the time and service your company gave me (and my client even though he lives out of state for now!)  It was a pleasure meeting Mike.  The entire experience from start to finish including the report was outstanding!!!  And, Karen is a joy to speak with on the phone when I was setting up the appointment.

I will definitely give you a call my next time around.

S Baldrick, Realtor

I really appreciate the inspection done by Keith and Scott, it was in my opinion very thorough and presented in a manner which did not overwhelm and frighten the Buyer. Both Scott and Keith were open to discussion and interaction with myself and the Buyer and I really did appreciate that.

I look forward to working more with ACE again in the near future.

Charlie, Realtor

Scott was thorough, patient, and willing to explain everything.  I also appreciated how he recognized that there were some issues (foundation and electrical in our case) that he was not confident he could fully inspect and recommended further inspection by a foundation engineer and an electrician.  We will do that, we're planning to have the seller address general issues to their satisfaction and use a foundation engineer/electrician to re-inspect after their repairs.  Having that recommendation makes me confident that we'll be well prepared to either purchase the property or walk away if the issues remain unresolved.  That's what we wanted!

I'd recommend your company and Scott in particular as an inspector in the future.

H Johnson, Client

I wanted to thank you for your thorough inspection. Previously, you saved us from a major home purchase where we would have incurred high financial losses had we proceeded with the purchase.

Thank you again for the great job.

Lee, Client

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I thoroughly appreciated the professionalism and technical quality of our home inspection. Scott was great. He answered all of our questions and made me much more comfortable about our new, and first, home purchasing experience. I felt that the report was a great way to wrap-up our inspection and it provided critical feedback to the sellers. In the end, the report will be a great tool for me as I work down the checklist of things to do as we move in to our new home. 

As my company relocates more people I will be sure to recommend your company as a valuable resource.

M Christopher, Client

The home inspection that was done recently on a house that I am buying in Yonges Island, SC, was very thorough.  The inspectors were friendly, yet business-like and answered any questions that I had.  Also,  the Home Inspection Report that was emailed to me the next day was excellent -- very detailed and to the point.  Thanks again for such good service.

N Macdonald, Client

You guys did great! So good, in fact, that we'll be using you again in the very near future (because of the attention to detail your guys demonstrated, we ended up walking away from what would have been a total money pit). 

Thanks so much for handling the scheduling issue so rapidly. Being able to reach you personally by phone while dealing with that hiccup convinced me that I'd found the right inspection service for all my future needs. Not to mention the professionalism and thoroughness of the inspectors you sent.

In short, it was a great experience through and through, and one I hope we can replicate soon.

Andy, Client

My entire home inspection experience was just great! Mike was extremely professional, very thorough, and personable throughout! A wonderful guy who made the whole process a pleasure and quite comfortable / comforting to me. He took all the time I needed to answer all questions I had concerning his finds.

I couldn't be happier, and will gladly send any referrals possible your way.

T Nation, Client

As you may have heard, the house was a particular challenge to inspect. Please make sure that Scott gets the appropriate recognition for his professionalism in returning to finish the inspection. The report provided was first class. I will definitely recommend your service to other Boeing families relocating to the Charleston area.

H Weindorf, Client

Thanks for your email of May 9th and we with thank Mr. Bob Nitkewicz Sales Executive at St. Johns Properties, for the introduction to your company.

My wife and I have no complaints, and will use your company again when the need arises. We found the home inspection service you offered to be very comprehensive, and everything was conducted in a timely, correct manner. I did speak with a lady at your office who handled my telephone inquiry without undue fuss or me having to call back.

A McNeice, Client 

I really appreciate your professionalism you were also prompt. Your services were very thorough I felt at ease knowing that you were there for me and my investment. I was told by Mr Kevan Chisolm that Ace inspections were the best and tough. Boy did he ever tell the truth. I cannot express my deepest gratitude for your services and for all that you do. I would highly recommend your Company to anyone, because you guy`s are top notch! Thanks again.

F Small, Client

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work that you did in regards to my home. I am very pleased with the results and hope that everything works out in my favor.  Please be at ease knowing that I will definitely recommend you and your services to anyone that is looking into purchasing a home in Charleston in the future. Finally, thank you for the follow-on e-mail that steers me in the right direction for viewing the phone, cable, satellite and internet alternatives available at my new home. Having this will definitely make my transition from the west to the east coast go a lot smoother. 
Thank you again for your assistance.
S Beck, Client 

Scott did a wonderful job at showing and explaining all of the areas of concern he found.  He was very professional and as I found things on my own he was able to answer questions and provide some insight as to the cause and whether it was something that was possibly related to something else within the house.  Thank you for your expertise and the great staff you have.

K Pomon, Client

I wanted to let you know that Mike and Jim did a great job, as usual on the home inspection for Andrew Lewis in Mount Pleasant.  They took extra time to explain items to him that he did not understand and I really appreciate them doing this.  They were very thorough and I always appreciate the service I receive when using your team of professionals.  Please let them know how much I appreciate their professionalism and hard work.  Thanks again for a great job!

S Baird, Realtor

You folks did a bang up job on the inspection. You picked up so many items critical to the house purchase (and my pocket book) that I missed entirely when I walked through the house. Ace Inspection is on my list for the next house that I purchase. Keep up the good work, yours services are essential for future Home Buyers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

L Garza, Client

Jim Murphy was right on time at the townhouse.  After letting him into the property, I ran errands and let him go about his work.  Upon my return, he was almost finished with his inspection.  He showed me all of the items of concern, which, thankfully, were minimal, and I was able to call the buyers and advise them that there were no serious problems evident.  Jim was very professional and helpful, I enjoyed my interaction with him at the house and hope to meet him again soon on behalf of other buyers.

T Kulick, Client

Good letter.  I applaud you for changing over the last ten years to a more Pro level team. The responsiveness to questions has been wonderful.  Our mutual clients feel fully informed and importantly have a better understanding of a problem and whether it is a major or minor problem.  As we know, sometimes it sounds worst on paper than it really is.  Finding the problems, understanding the problem and offering solutions is the benefit of a Pro Inspector. Thank you for taking the time to reassure us that ACE stands with our clients.  We are a very good. team. 

K Kennerty, Realtor

Thanks so much for completing the inspection.  I liked the manner in which the inspector communicated with the buyer.  He was very honest, thorough and professional while explaining his findings.  At the same time, he did not alarm the buyer, which so often happens when an inspector is describing the necessary repairs.  

The inspector was very prompt and polite.  I was so sorry he had the accident regarding the garage ceiling and I am so glad he was not hurt!!!!  I appreciate your immediate response and phone call to me and the seller regarding the garage ceiling.

B Moore, Realtor 

Thanks so much for your email. Mr Murphy was a wonderful inspector. He was professional, thorough and meticulous and explained his findings and his concerns before, during and after his inspection. Although we decided against purchasing this house, rest assured that when we find "our" house we will call again.

B Player, Client

We appreciate the services provided – the report looks very thorough and we are in the process of addressing certain items with the seller.  Eve certainly made a great recommendation in using your company.  Communication, scheduling and reporting was all accomplished in a simple and timely manner.  We are very excited to complete the purchase of this property – our goal is to retire there one day!  Thank you very much.

J Kennedy, Client

Thank you so much for your assistance with the inspection.  We appreciate the thorough inspections that your company has provided!

A Gregory, Client

We had Mike Friason as our inspector from what I heard he was EXCELLENT!!  I wasnt able to leave work to make the appointment but our realtor and  boyfriend were their and said Mike was EXCELLENT!!  He was 30 min early and gave detailed information when going thru the house, answered our questions and concerns and gave us tips on how to fix a few minor things.  We also found out thru your recall check service, we could be getting a new dishwasher for free because sears and a recall on the one that we have !!!  So thanks again and thanks so much to Karen for rescheduling our first appointment due to the seller not having the water on for our first appointment we were suppose to have.  She was very nice and made the scheduling process very simple. Best Regards,

A Tambs, Client

Mike did a great job.  I really appreciated his comments on what is wrong and how to repair it. I heard from a friend that it was not required for a SC inspector to go on the roof, but Mike did that without my asking.  I am very pleased Lynne chose your company for the inspection.

S Boylan, Client

Jim has now done two inspections for me this week.  I am super impressed with him.  Jim is very personable, as well as professional.  He has been very thorough in his search and most of all, he does not bring emotion into the deal.  What do I mean by that?  He does let the client know when something is not to code or needs to be fixed, but helps them understand that it is not an issue if it was built before the code was changed or if it is fixed.  There are other companies that kill deals with this type of nonsense.  I am very pleased and I believe my clients have been as well.

I also love me some Karen!  I say that in a funny way, but mean it sincerely.  She loves to promote your company and does a great job at it! 

Glad to be in business with you.  Thanks for your help this week.

J Stroud, Realtor

The inspection went very well. Scott was very thorough and was even tolerant of me following him around (except in the crawl space!) talking the entire time. I've read the report and think it is perfectly adequate. Thank you again for sending Scott out to inspect my soon to be new home! And thank you very much for the military discount. My husband and I appreciate it so very much! Have a wonderful day and God bless!

S Telken, Client

I was very pleased and impressed with Mike's inspection.  His thoroughness and professionalism was excellent.  I would recommend him to friends and colleagues in the near future.  

J Lewis, Client

Scott Burns did a great job at my buyers' inspection last Tuesday. My buyer even commented on what a thorough job he did and not an alarmist. One commented she made was "I didn't realize this would take so long, but I'm glad it is".

Thanks again for being there for me and my clients and sometimes with very short notice. Your office staff is terrific and great to work with as well.

Hope to bring you more business soon.

S Ensign, Realtor

The inspection was very thorough, and insightful.  We had the walls opened up, and found that the termites had eaten through a decent portion of the walls on both levels, which would have required some damage to the floor as well since the walls were not directly above each other.  Combined with all the other issues I decided to cancel the contract.

Thanks for all of your assistance, and if I find another house to purchase I will definitely be using your company again.

C Barrs, Client

I was impressed!  Mike was so professional and thorough and his report came back so quickly, it was a very reassuring to know that the house was in good shape.  The sellers didn’t disagree with the findings because there were pictures and it made my job so much easier to put the punch list together.   I appreciated that it was in PDF form so that it could be emailed around to everyone who needed a copy.  I guess if I had one suggestion it would be to put the findings in categories like SHOULD do, RECOMMEND do and LATER do or something like that, everything in the report sounded so important that I couldn’t convince the buyers not to insist that the sellers do everything in the report when I knew that most were recommendations that the buyers could easily remedy when they got into the house.  My husband is an architect so he helped me categorize the findings by importance and code, maybe that could be added, “by code this needs to be…”   Some things that I thought were piddly things like replacing the insulation under the house in a small section my husband said it was a building code item so I put more importance on it to the seller on the list I gave them.  Thank you so much for your company, professionalism, and training.  I also appreciate the information you leave in our office so that I was encouraged to use you by your presence and discount.  Good job!!  I will recommend you to my fellow REALTORS®.

S Schumm, Realtor

First I would like to thank you for your support to myself and my profession by  acknowledging to my client that we are all working together in their best behalf.  This was the first time that I have used your company and couldn’t be more pleased.  From Chris at the office to the online ability to schedule the appointment, you and your company have made this so easy.  My client was a single mom who had started a new job and was purchasing new construction.  The builder’s representative scheduled to provide her walkthrough was unable to work with her schedule and they were at an impasse.  Your inspection saved the day by allowing both parties the comfort of  knowing that the house had been thoroughly inspected by a licensed professional so that all punch list items were addressed and our closing yesterday went smoothly.

L Fox, Realtor

We were very happy working with Mike--he's a great guy!
Mike went above & beyond--and explained everything to us.
We'll surely recommend you to anyone who needs an inspector.
You took really good care of us : )

Hollie, Client

Thank you guys so much for your exceptional customer service!  We closed the Belling's yesterday and they loved the address labels and change of address post cards you gave them!!  The Luke's are scheduled to close on the morning of March 2nd.  Please let me know if you need any additional info.  We just sent you another one...Haines on Sandcroft..this Friday..see you then!

J Rakes, Realtor

I want to commend you on your high level of service. I work as a customer loyalty consultant. My clients are Fortune 1,000 customers that I work with to implement programs focused on improving the experience of their customers. With all of their resources many have a difficult time achieving the level of service that you show your customers. Your approach is personalized yet operationally efficient. I plan on using your firm as a best practices example when I work with clients and speak at conferences.

Thank you for your commitment to customer service from the top on down (Scott, my inspector, did a great job).

C Conway, Client

As usual, Mike Friarson did an outstanding job for me and my client. I hope that Mike will always be available for my inspections. I have total trust in his professional ability and in his character and integrity. His reports are very clear and concise. Mike makes my job a lot easier. I always look forward to working with Mike.

D Heuer, Realtor

As always, ACE Inspections did a great job for my buyers and put them at ease with their decision to buy a new home. My buyers are first time home buyers and did not see the necessity in a home inspection with building new construction. The inspection found a few problems that need to be repaired that a builders walk through would not have found.

The buyers were pleased to have caught these needed repairs prior to closing since it will save them having to take off work to meet a repairman and a warranty service fee. Thanks again for the excellent service that you provide to my clients and the peace of mind that you give agents in every real estate transaction.

K Power, Realtor

I can say nothing but great things about the inspection and the inspector.  Mike was very thorough and professional.  The results of the inspection gave me a better insight on how my house was built. I can feel more at ease thinking that a professional went through my house with a fine tooth comb and pointed out the items that really needed to be corrected.

Thanks for taking the time to convince me to do it.

Jimmy, Client

It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company representatives in having you perform and report on our pre-closing house inspection.  I am impressed by your promptness and professionalism.  You have made this experience a pleasure.  In addition we will be contacting you again for a re-inspection as soon as Ryland Homes completes correcting the discrepancies you noted in your inspection report of our anticipated home purchase.

It will also be our pleasure to highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of the types of services you provide.

R Thorns, Client

Your report was really, great Jeff, and I appreciated your initiating
conversation about our falling out back in the old Century 21 offices.  I
have been recommending Lowcountry and American Inspection, but plan to
recommend you as well now! Nice to see you again!

W Hermance, Realtor

I wanted you to know that I was very pleased with your inspection.  I forwarded to some members of my family, one of which is a contractor, and they all commented on the thoroughness of the inspection.

Once again thank you for your time, and I may be in touch again soon for a re inspection.

Mark, Client